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US Stock Antique Brass Chinese Style Cabinet Door Jewelry Box Padlock Lock
us stock antique brass chinese style cabinet door jewelry box padlock lock
Chinoiserie Chinese Cabinet Brass Lock and Key 4
chinoiserie chinese cabinet brass lock and key 4

cabinet card photo chinese cat lover smoking in opium den 1909 ided english
China jade green flower butterfly relief porcelain cabinet pair vase
china jade green flower butterfly relief porcelain cabinet pair vase
13 Collect China Wood Lacquerware Dragon Long Beast Cabinet Storage Jewelry Box
13 collect china wood lacquerware dragon long beast cabinet storage jewelry box
17 China Huanghuali Wood Food Drawers Cabinet Container Jewelry Box Case Statue
17 china huanghuali wood food drawers cabinet container jewelry box case statue
Japanese Chinese Cabinet Plate Dish Signed Blue  White Gold Color Scrolls
japanese chinese cabinet plate dish signed blue white gold color scrolls
14 Old Chinese Yellow Huang Hua Li Wood Dragon Head Portable Drawer Cabinet Box
14 old chinese yellow huang hua li wood dragon head portable drawer cabinet box
Vintage Chinese Rosewood  Engraved Brass 4 Drawer Jewelry Chest Cabinet
vintage chinese rosewood engraved brass 4 drawer jewelry chest cabinet
25CM Chinese Rosewood Dynasty Portable 7 Drawer Cabinet Jewelry Storage Box
25cm chinese rosewood dynasty portable 7 drawer cabinet jewelry storage box
36CM Old Chinese Rosewood Dynasty Palace Portable Dragon Drawer Cabinet Food Box
36cm old chinese rosewood dynasty palace portable dragon drawer cabinet food box
1880s young Chinese children in Chicago Illinois cabinet photograph
1880s young chinese children in chicago illinois cabinet photograph
10 Collect China Huali Wood Hand Make Dragon Emboss Cabinet Storage Jewelry Box
10 collect china huali wood hand make dragon emboss cabinet storage jewelry box
Tye Shing Chinese Cabinet Maker 22 Market Ln Melbourne 1893 Eurpean Labour Only
tye shing chinese cabinet maker 22 market ln melbourne 1893 eurpean labour only
Asian Antique Wood Cabinet Chest 70 cm Black Hand Paint Flower Bird F S 978h08
asian antique wood cabinet chest 70 cm black hand paint flower bird f s 978h08
Huge Old Chinese Huanghuali Wood Hand Carved 5 Drawers Cabinet Box Jewelry Boxes
huge old chinese huanghuali wood hand carved 5 drawers cabinet box jewelry boxes
Collect Old China Wood Lacquerware Dragon Long Beast Cabinet Storage Jewelry Box
collect old china wood lacquerware dragon long beast cabinet storage jewelry box
4 Vintage Chinese Famille Rose Style Hard Paste Cabinet Plates Chargers 10 3 8
4 vintage chinese famille rose style hard paste cabinet plates chargers 10 3 8
24 Old Chinese Huang Hua Li Wood Dynasty Palace Carving Flower Drawer Cabinet
24 old chinese huang hua li wood dynasty palace carving flower drawer cabinet
Folk Collect China Rosewood Wood CarvdTradition Cabinet Locker Cabinets Statue
folk collect china rosewood wood carvdtradition cabinet locker cabinets statue
Vintage Chinese Lacquered Red Latching Jewelry Trinket Cabinet Embossed Brass
vintage chinese lacquered red latching jewelry trinket cabinet embossed brass
13 Chinese Boxwood Wood Dragon Treasure Box Jewelry Casket Case Cabinet Statue
13 chinese boxwood wood dragon treasure box jewelry casket case cabinet statue
wood rosewood China Miniature 3 drawer cabinet put curio display stand
wood rosewood china miniature 3 drawer cabinet put curio display stand
Collect Old China Huali Wood Hand Make Dragon Emboss Cabinet Storage Jewelry Box
collect old china huali wood hand make dragon emboss cabinet storage jewelry box
Superb Antique Solid Wood Cantonese Cabinet
superb antique solid wood cantonese cabinet
Superb Mongolian hand painted Elm Cabinet W Six Doors
superb mongolian hand painted elm cabinet w six doors
Old China Wood Lacquerware Blessing Character Pattern Cupboard cabinet sark Box
old china wood lacquerware blessing character pattern cupboard cabinet sark box
China Wood Lacquerware Inlay Beeswax Poetic Prose Cupboard Cabinet Sark Case Box
china wood lacquerware inlay beeswax poetic prose cupboard cabinet sark case box
Vintage Chinese Oriental Teal Turquoise Black Lacquer Jewelry Cabinet Chest Box
vintage chinese oriental teal turquoise black lacquer jewelry cabinet chest box
Asian Chinese Cherry Blossom Accent Cabinet Stand Shelf Unit Bookcase CD Storage
asian chinese cherry blossom accent cabinet stand shelf unit bookcase cd storage

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Cabinet Chinese

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Home Decorating Basics : How to Display Items in a China Cabinet

How to buy Chinese Furniture

Chinese antique chair Qing Dynasty 250 year's old $400 Ancient vase 300 years old $250?

Do these people really think they can sell such items on E Bay or from their business with any sort of legitimacy? Absolutely! And they do time and time again. I guess the people paying $20,000 USD for the 300 year old vase at an auction in New York have been living under a tree and are not aware of E Bay.

Unfortunately the consumer is getting ripped of every time they purchase an item from these people. 250 years old maybe 300? Maybe it was made last week, in a little factory out of old wood? Hmm oh, but why would they lie to me?

One of my goals is to educate the customer on what is antique and what isn't. Yes even industry experts get fooled by the world's best craftsmen, but I can assure you that you will not be buying any legitimate antiques from the Ming dynasty for less than the price of a Porsche.

The Chinese government also forbids the exportation of antiques and associated items over 250 years old, that is not to say that none have ever left the country, but the chances of you buying them from E Bay or a quaint little shop is extremely rare.

Often a retailer will provide a certificate of authenticity or age, but unfortunately these are often not worth the cost of the paper they are written on. Unless the certificate is written by an industry expert or someone of relevance, it is just another piece of advertising designed to entice the unsuspecting customer.

With that little piece of knowledge we can then sift through a lot of the rubbish that is on the market today. Most pieces that are sold are well under 150 years old, which is still an antique in my eyes.

If you are buying from a dealer ask them as many questions as possible to help determine how genuine the piece is.

Did they source the furniture direct from China or from a wholesaler locally?

Do they travel to China themselves?

What type of timber is the piece made from? The type of timber will often dictate the value of a piece combined with its age.

Do they know what province the piece came from?

Does the piece smell of fresh paint and or lacquer?

Are the painted pieces fresh and distinct or faded and smooth?

Are there wear marks on the drawer runners?

Are the dovetail joints small and universal in shape? They should be large and chunky if they are hand-made.

A very old antique lacquered cabinet will often show cracks running through the lacquer, this type of ageing extremely difficult to reproduce and is often a good indication of age.

Unfortunately there are also a lot of companies that are also deceiving the unsuspecting retailers of the world, which unknowingly pass the incorrect information onto the public. They manufacture "antiques" from old lamp posts and the like so the timber is old, but the construction is new. This type of furniture is hard to detect from the genuine antiques, but asking the right questions and looking at some of the details discussed above should help.

Another indicator though not often realized until your treasured piece is at home is the movement of the furniture. Chinese furniture is designed to move with the seasons, however excess cracking and continual movement is often an indication of young timber that has not yet dried properly.

All of the above should be taken into consideration when deciding to purchase a genuine Chinese antique. This will hopefully be a basic guide for those of you who wish to purchase genuine Chinese antiques.

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Welcome to china style the home of Chinese Furniture antiques and Asian furniture. China Style aims to assist those wanting to import Chinese Antiques both locally and abroad.

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